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For over 60 years our family business has taken pride in its quality, service and passion for creatively meeting all its customers’ expectations. We cater to the classic and unconventional with a refreshing new approach. Natural colored portraits, state of the art digital, color tinting, cinematography and timeless black and white photography are among our many services.

is a wedding-day management company.  We work as day-of coordinators (DOCs) who approach each wedding with creativity, workto understand the bride's needs and wants, and assure that each wedding becomes a cherished moment to the bride and groom.  We physically attend to all wedding activities, including the rehearsal, to make sure everything goes well as bride had planned.   We will build timelines and checklist, liaise with all of your vendors, distribute your balances due and tips, direct your wedding rehearsal, arrange seating chart, take care of your RSVP, and more!

Downtown Development & Design (“D3”) is an entity that seeks to maximize investment returns by taking a boutique approach to property development and interior design.  We were formed out of a frustration deriving from the commoditization and emptiness that pervades real estate in Manhattan and other major property markets.  The byproduct of an assembly line mindset and intense speculation, such real estate product has been bereft of life and personality.  Resultantly, D3 seeks to inject the level of character, detail-orientation, and personification that we feel has been missing from the property landscape. 

D3 seeks aggressive returns for its investors through repositioning, acquisitions, and ground-up development in both Manhattan and oft-overlooked locations such as the Croatian Riviera.  Though opportunistic in its outlook, D3 is cautious to ensure that its deals stay within a reasonable size so that it does not lose its boutique mentality.  As a result of its astute attention to market fundamentals and forward-leaning thinking, D3 is confident that such aspirational returns can be reached in any type of economic environment.  

D3’s competitive advantage stems from its diverse array of talent.  Its professionals stem from such disciplines as interior design, architecture, appraisal, law, and economics.  In addition to the diversity in discipline, D3’s professionals are diverse in geographic background.  Its professionals come to it from such locales as Croatia, Spain, Italy, and Nigeria.  Such a vast geographic scope allows the entity to maintain diversity in creativity and strategy.  Further, such diversity serves as the backbone of the company’s strategy to affect property in locales far and wide. 

D3 is a socially responsible entity that builds/designs responsibly.  Its management is in the process of becoming LEED certified by the USGBC to ensure compliance with the latest trends in the Green building movement.  Social responsibility and diversity combined with a design-oriented approach to property development set D3 far apart from their competition.