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Wedding Timeline

Nine to Twelve Months Before:

● Pick out engagement ring with fiancé.
● Determine who will officiate at the ceremony.
● Select a wedding date and time.
● Announce your engagement in the newspaper.
● Determine how many guests may attend.
● Determine the type of wedding you want (size, formality, style, color scheme).
● Select and order the bridesmaids’ dresses.
● Establish a preliminary budget.
● Select and secure a photographer.
● Select a caterer if not already provided by the reception.
● Select and secure your reception location.
● Select and secure you ceremony location.
● Begin choosing your wedding cake baker, videographer, musicians and florist. Sign
necessary contracts.

Six to Nine Months Before:

● Start compiling the guest list (inform your families to do the same).
● Select the attendants for your wedding party.
● Shop for wedding dress, headpiece, veil, etc.
● Start planning for honeymoon.
● Register with a gift bridal registry in your favorite store(s).

Four to Six Months Before:

● Make appointment for a physical exam with your doctor/dentist.
● Check requirements for blood test and marriage license in your state.
● Shop for wedding rings.
● Select and order the invitations and stationery.
● Decide where to live after the wedding.
● Complete the guest lists.
● Begin shopping for trousseau.
● Send your engagement announcement to the newspaper.
● Inform mothers to select their dresses.
● Select and order the men’s attire.
● Finalize honeymoon details and make the necessary reservations.

Two to Four Months Before:

● Confirm the menu and catering details with the caterer.
● Prepare all maps and directions for the ceremony and reception.
● Select your wedding rings.
● Buy a wedding guest book.
● Set the dates and times with the officiate for the rehearsal.
● Plan the bridesmaids’ luncheon and any other parties.
● Determine your resources for designing and printing the program for the ceremony.
● Finalize the florist details, photographer, videographer, musicians, etc.
● Arrange the necessary accommodations for out-of-town guests.
● Plan a rehearsal dinner, time and place.
● Confirm the wedding cake details with the baker.

Six to Eight Weeks Before:

● Mail invitations and announcements.
● Prepare a portrait for the newspaper. Check your local newspaper for details and timing.
● Set appointment with photographer for your formal bridal portrait.
● Select gifts for all your attendants.
● Set appointments with any hair dressers and/or make-up artists.
● Hire the limousine or other forms of transportation for the wedding.

Four to Six Weeks Before:

● Decide what your menu is going to be for the reception. Estimate the expected number of
● Buy a gift for the groom.
● Schedule a final fitting for your gown so it can be ready for your formal bridal portrait.
● Purchase a going away outfit.
● Pick up your wedding rings.
● Purchase (borrow) all wedding accessories such as the ring pillow, goblets, garter belt,
candles, etc.
● Confirm florist details and delivery times.
● Plan the seating for the reception as well as other details for the ceremony and reception.
● Start writing placement cards.
● Make sure all bridesmaids’ attire has been fitted.
● Buy a gift for the bride.

Two Weeks Before:

● Make arrangements to have your wedding gifts moved to your new home.
● Handle business and legal details such as name changes, address changes, etc.
● Prepare the wedding announcement for the newspaper.
● Reconfirm your guests’ accommodations.
● Make sure all clothing and accessories for you and the bridal party are ready.
● Get your marriage license and any blood tests which are needed.

One Week Before:

● Review any seating details with the ushers.
● Make sure all wedding attire fits.
● Finalize the seating arrangements.
● Reconfirm your honeymoon reservations. Ensure you have any necessary plane tickets.
● Start packing for your honeymoon.
● Call any guests who have not responded yet.
● Finish all the place cards for the reception.
● Review all the final details with your photographer, videographer, etc.
● Give a final head count to the caterer.
● Confirm the availability of the musicians and vocalists.
● Delegate responsibilities to reliable individuals on your wedding day.
● Wrap and present the wedding party gifts.
● Finalize your rehearsal dinner arrangements and other plans.

One Day Before:

● Get a manicure or massage to relax yourself.
● Stay with your family the night before and go to sleep early.
● Review and rehearse all the details of your participants.

The Big Day:

● Make sure the best man and maid of honor sign the wedding certificate.
● Allow yourself plenty of time to get dressed.
● Enjoy your wonderful wedding and cherish each and every moment.
● Be sure to eat properly.
● Rest and relax with a good bath.
● Prepare for your hairdresser and make-up appointments.

After the Wedding:

● Send thank you notes as soon as possible after the wedding.
● Have bridal gown cleaned and preserved.
● Change your name on ID and important documents.
● Complete change of address cards.

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